Primrose Makeup Application and Services

Beauty Seven Minute Makeover

Hows you how to put that makeup on in less than 7 minutes, and making it look like you spent hours. You will love how you look and how easy it really is.

Seven Minute Makeover. $45.00

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The Diva’s Night Out

This is for all you Diva’s who want to look like your walkin’ the Red Carpet tonight... you will look marvelous darling!

Diva’s Night Out $60.00

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The Prom Queen

Okay... maybe you haven’t been voted for the Queen, but you’ll look better than her!

The Prom Queen$45.00

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Bride to Be

Your big day is here, & you want to look perfect! Sit back, relax, we are going to make you BEAUTIFUL!

Bride to Be (Traveling fee not included)$90.00

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The Patient Bridesmaids

Okay girls it’s almost time for the party! Have fun with the Bride, and get your makeup done too! It’s great bonding time!

Patient Bridesmaids$60.00

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